PowerRail strives to offer Customers an alternate option for Quality Parts and Components at competitive prices, engineered and proven to meet or exceed OEM Specifications. Utilizing our Unique M-1003 AAR OEM Quality Verification Process, Failure Analysis, Product Development, Design Enhancements and Technical Support,our staff offers a true solution while “Uniting Innovation, Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution.” 

Our Advantages

Competitive Pricing

We understand that our customers expect value-for-money. We deliver this by offering a range of options – including New or New Enhanced Parts for Reliability, Re-Manuactured Parts on Unit Exchange Basis, and our new New-Unit Exchange Programs – all while providing these products in a timely and professional manner.




Fast Turnaround Times

PowerRail has earned a reputation for responsive service that is focused on minimizing your locomotive downtime. Our staff are available to ensure that you remain operational and orders are shipped in a timely manner, using our unique MRO System.


Technical and Engineering Expertise

With locations throughout North America, our highly skilled and cross-trained technical specialists are able to manufacture or re-manufacture parts and components which provide you with true support 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring that your locomotive stays in service.





Personalized and OEM Workscopes

Our customers are confident that when we deliver our products PowerRail has completed a comprehensive program to ensure the manufacturing and quality meets or exceeds OEM and/or customer specification and/or application requirements.


Personalized Customer Service

PowerRail’s Customer Service Team consists of both Field Sales and Inside Sales, whose job is to coordinate and communicate with you throughout the ordering process, acting as your first point of contact for any questions.





Superior Warranty

We stand behind our work with one of the best warranties in the business. This assurance reflects the rigorous quality processes that our highly trained staff follows in order to provide uniformly high standards across our facilities.


Quality Excellence

Our work is performed to the highest levels of quality, to ensure both your safety and satisfaction. We are certified to AAR M1003, and maintain our quality through rigorous internal processes.






Management Team

PowerRail’s Management Team consists of the industries most talented, highly skilled and experienced people.
From Sales, Engineering, Logistics, Mechanical, Manufacturing and many other segments, our team is highly trained to service the end user…“Our Customers.”



One-Stop-Shop Capabilities

With capabilities to support virtually every part and component on a locomotive, PowerRail is able to offer a true one-stop-shop experience. This alleviates our customers from having to use multiple services providers, therefore minimizing turnaround times and added costs.