Business Ethics & Conduct

Basic standards of conduct

• Perform our duties and conduct our business relationships with integrity and in a straightforward, open, honest and fair manner
• Comply with applicable laws, regulations and company policies and procedures
• Avoid conflicts of interest
• Protect PowerRail’s assets
• Always engage in proper business practices and never engage in any form of corruption, whether public or private
• Uphold employee rights and privacy
• Maintain a safe and secure workplace
• Foster a positive working climate based on mutual trust and respect that embraces the diversity of the communities in which we operate and encourage open communication
• Support our communities and protect the environment


Integrity - Bring it to work every day

• Honest


• Fair


• Responsible


• Reputable


• Loyal


• Respectful


• Dependable


• Trustworthy


• Thoughtful


• Moral


• Reliable


• Compliant


• Objective


• Committed





When you're in a difficult situation...

Ask yourself
• Is this legal?
• Is it fair?
• Would I want other people to know I did it?
• How would I feel if I read about it in the newspaper?
• How will I feel about myself afterwards?


No matter where you work in PowerRail, how you conduct yourself makes a difference to our reputation and our success.


Applying the Code of Ethics is your responsibility

If you are unsure about a particular situation or course of action, speak to your local management or Human Resources representative, or PowerRail’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Telephone:  (570) 883-7005

or in writing:


182 Susquehanna Avenue
Exeter, PA 18643