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Who We Are:

Cooper Bearings offers over 20 years+ of experience of engineered solutions that have proven to be one of the industry's leaders.

Our quality coupled with service and reliability offers a true advantage that have given us a reputation we are proud of.

Cooper Bearings "CBX" is a Certified AAR M-1003 Quality Assurance facility.

What We Do:

Cooper Bearings Incorporated is a leading Re-Manufacturer of Bearings and Journal Boxes for the Rail Industry.

We are the leading experts for Innovations and Quality of Bearings and Journal Boxes regardless of manufacturer that are used in both Freight and Passenger Locomotives and Cars.

Cooper Bearings offers a full range of reconditioned and/or remanufactured bearings.

We offer a full range of products that can accommodate any budget restriction.


Hyatt Journal Box


GG Box Front


Tapered Roller Bearing


GG Adaptor Box

Download GG Adaptor Box(3D).pdf




Hyatt Bearing Cap




Liner Lateral Pad




Hyatt Cover Combo



Axel Generator Cover



Cooper Bearings Specializes in Products such as: 

  • Adaptor Boxes
  • Conversion Boxes
  • Hyatt Journal Boxes
  • New and Remanufactured GG Adaptor Boxes
  • LVR and Passenger Transit Housings

Download RTC-LRV Housing(3D).pdf