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PowerRail, Inc., an AAR M-1003 Certified Quality Company, is pleased to announce the formation of a new sister company, PowerSeal Solutions.


The mission of PowerSeal Solutions is to offer the Rail Industry the next step in solving locomotive leak issues while increasing reliability. The knowledge of the PowerRail Engineering and Quality teams, coupled with Macroseal, Inc., a full-line manufacturer and fabricator of fluid-sealing products located in Prince George, Virginia, allows PowerSeal Solutions to bring a superior product and experience to their customers.


PowerSeal Solutions manufactures all products in-house, with thorough analysis and testing processes in place. PowerSeal Solutions will provide the same product lines currently offered by PowerRail in all applications.


ALL leaks in all Locomotive and Marine applications.

C-Swell PS-2™ gasket material is an OEM approved material which was precision-enhanced to offer a controlled swell. This controlled swell expands when it comes in contact with the media it is sealing. The controlled swell allows the gasket material to fill voids and imperfections on component flanges and sealing surfaces, and literally will stop leaks, even in the most demanding applications.

C-Swell PS-2 is a highly-compressed, solvent-free, Hydro-Fused industrial OEM gasket material manufactured exclusively for the rail and marine industries. Documented ASTM testing has confirmed that C-Swell PS-2 material offers excellent bolt torque retention, crush resistance, and resist extrusion over a longer period of time than existing competing gasket materials. Additionally, C-Swell offers the end user a material with a long shelf life.

C-Swell PS-2 gaskets will stop leaks, reduce maintenance cost and most of all; lead to cleaner and safer locomotives for us and our environment.

PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company offers a complete line of Gasket Kits which meet or exceed OWM specifications. Our Kits can be customized with other parts and components based on the customers requirements.

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Gasket Kit
Repair Kit
Kit Repair
Gasket Kit Liner to Power Assemly Jacket
Rebuild Kit Water Pump
Gasket Kit Turbo Install
Cylinder Dresser Kit
Gasket Kit
Gasket Kit
Gasket Kit Engine Rebuild 16 710G3
Gasket Kit Engine Rebuild 16 645E3 16 645E3B
Kit Turbo Install
Gasket Kit
Gasket Kit Fuel Pump
Gasket Kit Auxiliary Generator Drive
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